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Guilde des Archivistes

La Guilde des Archivistes et MYSTcommunity coparrainent la 'Février Fanfiction'

La Guilde des Archivistes et MYSTCommunity s'associent afin d'organiser un défi fanfiction à thème historique pour ce mois de Février. L’événement demande encore à être réglé plus en détails, mais vous pourrez rejoindre la discussion en cours sur le site de la Guide des Archivistes en suivant ce lien. Les deux groupes encouragent toute personne intéressée à se joindre à la discussion.

La Guilde des Messagers vous informera de toute nouvelle information lui parvenant.


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All Guilds Meeting - October 2012

Shorah everyone!  Another month goes by and another All Guilds Meeting brings a flurry of activity to Kirel on an otherwise peaceful Saturday.  Things started off by giving Leonardo a proper thank you for his service as moderator.  And of course, the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs are here for those that couldn't make it.

Here's the usual Guild of Messengers' All Guilds Meeting Summary (tm)!


Ly was first up to discuss the latest upgrades he's made to Lyrobot, who, for the first time, joined everyone for the meeting.  These changes include:

  • Able to page in several avatars like Kodama and Blake and animate them properly.
  • Can link you to more Ages by PM, including one of the Bahro caves.
  • A more improved teleport function for within Ages.
  • More control over how much your avatar shrinks or grows with an optional size modifier.

Check Lyrobot's site linked above for more information!

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Portrait de Gay HOOD Announcement

La Guilde des Archivistes a fait une annonce importante il y a quelques jours sur leur site web, Une refonte en profondeur du site est prévue par Alahmnat avec plusieurs changements notables.

En premier lieu, le site actuel sera archivé et verrouillé. Cela signifie que tout nouveau contenu sera mis sur un nouveau site ( vraisemblablement), tandis que tous les utilisateurs actuels conserveront leurs comptes et les MP ; par contre, la galerie et les forums seront nettoyés. Les forums seront épurés et certaines rubriques existantes seront supprimées et l'inscription sera réactivée à la suite. Lire la suite

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DPWR Looking for PHP Developer

DPWR is currently seeking a volunteer PHP developer to help with feature development and site maintenance activities. Volunteers will be provided with instructions on how to access the SVN repository for the site, which will include a development team wiki for discussion and feature planning. Some experience with Invision Power Board is preferred, but definitely not required. If interested, please contact Alahmnat at alahmnat [at] dpwr [dot] net.

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Talk about Story at DPWR!

In collaboration with the Guild of Archivists, I am expanding the Writer's Ring forums at DPWR to provide a gathering place for people interested in the nature of Story and Canon in Uru and those who want to add to it.

It's my hope that these forums will provide a good central place to discuss what Story is, the nature of being In Cavern and talk about what makes a good story (fan-run or otherwise) in Uru. Also, hopefully it will be a place for storytellers, plot designers and role-players to gather to collaborate and discuss their art. When the FCAL process for story elements is finally up, I hope this will become a place to discuss how to best fit stories into the FCAL process, as well as to discuss when is best to not bother with the FCAL and just do your own thing.

If you are interested in Story in Uru, Canon, role-playing, constructing D'ni history and all of the other fan-run story goodness, come by the forums and start a thread or join in with the threads that are there.

Blade Lakem

Writer's Ring Administrator

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